25+ Lucrative Automobile Business Ideas to Launch in 2023

Introducing an automobile business could be your ticket to high earnings – the auto industry generates over $670 billion in US revenue annually!

This blog reveals 27 realistic and profitable automotive business ideas to capitalize on this massive market in 2023. Whether you’re a mechanic, salesperson, or creative thinker, leverage your skills to launch a thriving auto company.

Most Profitable Automobile Business Ideas

Used Car Dealership

The used car market is hotter than ever, with prices at record highs. By sourcing good deals at auctions and reselling inventory, you can generate substantial profits. Focus on popular models and cater to a specific niche like students or enthusiasts to stand out.

Pro Tip: Use sites like Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace to find undervalued vehicles in your area.

New Car Dealership

Becoming an authorized new car dealer for a major brand like Toyota, Ford, or Mercedes-Benz allows you to sell the latest models. However, the franchise investment and operating costs are steep. If you have at least $300K minimum capital and auto industry experience, it can pay off hugely.

Pro Tip: Consider starting with a used car lot first to establish your reputation, then apply for a new car franchise once your business grows.

Auto Repair Shop

Starting a general repair shop servicing common issues like brakes, tires, batteries, etc. has relatively low startup costs. With around $50K you can lease a garage, buy equipment and get started. Specializing in transmissions or European vehicles can also be lucrative.

Pro Tip: Partner with tow truck companies to be referred disabled vehicles in your area.

Mobile Mechanic Business

If you enjoy diagnosing and repairing vehicles, a mobile mechanic business allows you to offer your skills door-to-door without the overhead of a shop. With a well-equipped van and effective marketing, you can be highly profitable and enjoy flexibility.

Pro Tip: Create YouTube videos showcasing your expertise to attract customers searching for fixes online.

Auto Detailing

Interior and exterior car detailing involves meticulous cleaning and polishing to make vehicles look showroom new. As a mobile detailer, you can service customers wherever it’s convenient for them. An initial $10K investment in supplies and equipment is common.

Pro Tip: Offer free trials such as cleaning one headlight to showcase your services and convert new customers.

Car Wash

Offers a range of car cleaning services like automated washes, hand washing, detailing, etc. Options range from quick basic cleaning to full premium interior/exterior detailing. Requires facility with equipment and adequate staffing.

Pro Tip: Offer monthly membership plans to encourage repeat business and recurring revenue. Gain customer loyalty through discounts and perks.

Window Tinting

Installs tinted films and coatings on vehicle windows for appearance, UV protection, privacy, and heat reduction. Advanced options like ceramic tinting also add insulation. Mobile or shop locations work.

Pro Tip: Offer free sample side window tints for new customers so they can experience the quality and benefits firsthand before committing to full service.

Auto Body Repair

Repairs and replaces damaged vehicle bodies, frames, and parts after collisions. Requires investments in shop space, tools, and materials. Good demand from insurance referrals.

Pro Tip: Partner with local dealerships and auto shops to become their preferred collision repair provider. Offer discounts or finder’s fees for referrals.

Custom Paint/Wraps

Applies custom paint jobs, racing stripes, vinyl wraps, decals and more to make vehicles stand out. Caters to auto enthusiasts looking to modify their cars uniquely.

Pro Tip: Showcase unique designs, colors, and past wrap projects on social media and a website gallery to attract new customization clients.

Parts Retail

Sells replacement and aftermarket auto parts for domestic and foreign vehicles. Can carry broad inventory or specialize in certain brands. Online sales also an option.

Pro Tip: Focus your in-store inventory on parts that are popular with local vehicle models and types. Offer special orders for less common parts.


Allows customers to remove used auto parts from damaged, end-of-life vehicles in the junkyard inventory. Sells any leftover scrap metal to metal recycling companies.

Pro Tip: Build relationships with local mechanics and hobbyists to drive recurring part sales. Offer incentives for bulk purchases.

Towing Company

Provides towing and roadside assistance services for disabled or stranded vehicles. Requires investment in tow trucks, equipment, storage lot, and staffing. Can partner with motor clubs.

Pro Tip: Join local AAA and motor club networks as an authorized tow service provider to gain steady referrals.


Offers automotive locksmith services like key replacement, lockout services, key programming, and security upgrades. Can provide 24/7 emergency services.

Pro Tip: Advertise 24/7 emergency services to attract customers locked out of their vehicles or homes. Partner with dealers.

Car Rental

Rents vehicles like cars, trucks, vans to out-of-towners, locals needing temporary transport. Requires permit, insurance, maintenance staff.

Pro Tip: Stage rental vehicles at hotels, airports, and other transportation hubs to conveniently attract business travelers.

Limousine Service

Provides chauffeured luxury vehicles like limos, party buses, vans for weddings, corporate transfers, tourists.

Pro Tip: Offer amenities like WiFi, entertainment systems, and drinks to enhance the experience and stand out.

Driving School

Teaches new drivers the rules of the road, vehicle handling, and preparation for license exams. Can also offer defensive driving.

Pro Tip: Offer driver’s ed discounts and driving safety courses to help new drivers save on insurance premiums.

Auto Insurance

Sells policies from major insurance providers like Geico, State Farm, etc. Can offer multi-policy discounts.

Pro Tip: Bundle home and auto insurance policies together for homeowners to maximize multi-policy discounts.

Car Accessories

Sells aftermarket accessories like electronics, racks, lights, cosmetic upgrades, etc. Can focus on trucks, sports cars, or other niches.

Pro Tip: Cater parts selection to mod enthusiasts and popular local vehicle types like trucks, SUVs.

Auto Upholstery

Replaces worn or damaged seats, carpets, door panels and other interiors with custom fabrics. Also repairs leather.

Pro Tip: Offer free quote inspections to encourage new upholstery business. Send reminders when work is due.

Vehicle Storage

Provides secure long-term parking options for RVs, classic cars, motorcycles etc. Could offer electrical hookups.

Pro Tip: Offer winterization and battery tending services to justify higher storage rates.

Auto Export

Exports used vehicles purchased at auctions to international buyers for increased profit margins. Handles shipping.

Pro Tip: Focus on JDM, European, and classic vehicles which fetch higher prices overseas.

Car Reviews Blog

Creates in-depth reviews on new vehicle models and features to inform buyers. Earns ad revenue. Requires test drives.

Pro Tip: Optimize blog content to rank highly in auto-related searches and maximize traffic/ad earnings.

Auto Events Company

Organizes car shows, races, rallies, conventions, and other specialty auto events for enthusiasts. Earns revenue from ticket sales, vendor booths, sponsorships.

Pro Tip: Sell custom event merchandise to generate additional income from attendees.

Car Flipping

Buys undervalued vehicles, reconditions them, then quickly resells for big profits. Requires auto expertise to identify good deals.

Pro Tip: Use auction sites like IAAI to find discounted inventory to fix up and flip for maximum ROI.

Mobile Oil Changes

Offers on-site oil change and basic maintenance services at customer homes/workplaces for convenience. Requires mobile setup.

Pro Tip: Provide free inspections to identify other necessary services to upsell customers.

Auto Photography

Provides professional quality photos of vehicles for owners, dealerships, ads, portfolios. May involve location/studio shoots.

Pro Tip: Offer digital retouching services to remove scratches, defects, customize colors.

Car Finder Service

Uses connections to help collectors and enthusiasts locate specific rare, hard-to-find, or coveted vehicles.

Pro Tip: Join enthusiast forums and Facebook groups to build connections and find desired vehicles.

Tips for Starting an Auto Business

If one of these auto business ideas resonates with you, here are some top tips to get started:

  • Gain relevant experience working at an existing shop or dealership
  • Research your local market demand and competition
  • Create a rock-solid business plan covering all operating, licensing and insurance costs
  • Secure business financing through savings, loans, investors, crowdfunding
  • Find the perfect location with great visibility and access
  • Stock parts/vehicles tailored to your target audience
  • Aggressively market your grand opening offers and promotions
  • Provide exceptional service and transparency to generate word-of-mouth referrals
  • Stay up-to-date on automotive tech, tools, and training

The automotive industry offers almost endless entrepreneurial potential in 2023 and beyond. With hard work and the right business model, your automotive company can thrive for many years to come. Just choose your specialty, make a plan, and start driving toward success.