50 Lucrative Business Ideas for Women in 2023

Today I’m sharing a mega list of 50 amazing business ideas for ambitious women looking to start their own ventures. I wanted to provide a really thorough guide covering different categories, and skill levels because I know how overwhelming it can feel trying to decide which biz is right for you when first getting started.

Whether you want to start small from home or are ready to go all in on your dream business, there are SO many options for ladies out there!

I’ll also describe each business so you get a good idea of what’s involved. My goal is to inspire you and get your mind spinning with possibilities so you can determine the right path for YOU. Let’s dive in!

Low-Cost Online Businesses

Starting an online business is often the most accessible option since you can get up and running with just your laptop and internet connection.


Offer your industry expertise to businesses and entrepreneurs by providing strategic consulting around your niche. Build your reputation and personal brand to attract clients.

Tips: Specify your niche expertise like marketing, HR, finance. Create free content and resources to get visibility. Define your service offerings and ideal client.

Freelance writing

Make money using your writing talents for blogs, marketing materials, articles, social media, and more for diverse clients. Writing skills are your only must-have.

Tips: Start by creating samples and apply for gigs on sites like Upwork. Reach out to small businesses directly too. Build a portfolio website to showcase your work.

Virtual assisting

Provide administrative support to entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, and teams. Services can include calendar management, email, data entry, documentation, scheduling calls, and more.

Tips: Get certified as a VA. Be reliable and detail-oriented. Offer packages with pricing for different service bundles. Use tools like Zoom, Slack, Asana.


Manage income, expenses, invoices, payroll, taxes, and other financial functions for small businesses using bookkeeping software.

Tips: Get certified in Quickbooks or Xero. Offer monthly retainers. Provide valuable insights/advice beyond just data entry.

Social media management

Manage clients’ social media pages by creating content calendars, posting daily, monitoring engagement, running ads, reporting on performance.

Tips: Get certified in social platforms and tools like Sprout Social. Stay on top of changing algorithms and features. Show results.

Graphic design

Use design skills and tools like Canva, Illustrator, Photoshop to create branding materials, ads, promotional visuals, packaging, and more for diverse clients.

Tips: Build a visual portfolio showcasing your style. Offer logos, business cards, flyers, website graphics, product images. Provide fast turnaround.

Web design

Design, build, customize websites for small businesses on platforms like Squarespace, Wix, WordPress. Guide clients through the steps from planning to launch.

Tips: Keep up with web design trends. Offer responsive sites optimized for mobile. Register domain names for clients. Provide ongoing site edits and maintenance.

Affiliate marketing

Earn commissions promoting brands and products you love. Share affiliate links, coupon codes, write product reviews, suggest gifts, create content around brands.

Tips: Focus on relevant products your audience would like. Be transparent about affiliate relationships. Provide value beyond just recommendations.


Launch blog sharing your interests, knowledge and expertise. Earn through ads, affiliate marketing, digital products, coaching, and virtual summits.

Tips: Choose a niche/topic you’re passionate about. Create content optimized for SEO. Promote content across social channels. Analyze traffic and content.

Online courses

Develop online courses teaching skills related to business, marketing, design, technology, personal growth, health, and more. Sell on your own site or platforms like Teachable.

Tips: Outline your curriculum before creating content. Use multimedia formats to engage students. Promote through free trainings and email lists. Consider cohort-based courses.

Product-Based Businesses

Making and selling physical products leveraging your talents.

Jewelry Making

Design and handcraft beautiful necklaces, rings, earrings, bracelets using materials like gems, crystals, metals, beads, leather, polymer clay.

Tips: Take jewelry making workshops to develop skills. Buy supplies in bulk online. Create social media and Etsy shops to sell pieces. Offer customized designs.

Candle Making

Blend wax, essential oils and custom scents to make stylish candles. Experiment with unique vessel designs, colors and packaging.

Tips: Study candle making before investing in materials. Focus on unique scents and containers. Sell on Etsy and local markets. Name candles cleverly.

Arts & Crafts

Sew, paint, knit, or create other handmade crafts to sell on Etsy, Facebook, local fairs and markets. Offer diverse products like quilts, baby clothes, artwork, clay crafts, ornaments etc.

Tips: Start with your own passion – whether sewing, painting, beading etc. Craft in small batches initially. Create gift sets and seasonal items.

Clothing Line

Design, produce, and sell stylish apparel and accessory lines. Start with customized or small batch manufacturing. Use print-on-demand options to test.

Tips: Research your ideal customer and popular styles. Sketch designs and make samples. Create social media for your brand. Look into manufacturers and printers.

Baked Goods

Develop tasty recipes for cakes, cupcakes, brownies, cookies, pie and sell baked goods locally or ship nationwide.

Tips: Start by selling at local fairs and cafes. Offer specialty flavors and decorative designs. Ensure you’re following local health codes and can scale recipes.

Personalized Gifts

Offer customized gifts using services like print-on-demand mugs, apparel, pillows featuring clients’ photos, names, and special text. Or provide handmade customizable crafts.

Tips: Set up Etsy or Shopify storefront making the customization process easy for buyers. Integrate with print-on-demand partners like Printful.

Party Supplies

Provide personalized party supplies like banners, paper goods, favors, packaging. Offer coordinating items for kids’ birthday parties, weddings, baby showers.

Tips: Buy supplies like papers and decor in bulk. Rent storage for inventory. Partner with Etsy sellers and makers to offer coordinating items.

Beauty Products

Formulate and package your own cosmetics, skincare, bath and body products. Market beauty brand through social media, online store, local shops.

Tips: Take classes in product formulation. Research legal/regulatory requirements. Start with a small collection. Use influencer marketing. Consider dropshipping.

 Pet Products

Craft and sell specialized pet products like leashes, collars, toys, bowls, treats, clothing, accessories, and more for dogs, cats, and exotic pets.

Tips: Make small batches and get feedback at local pet stores and events. Tap into trends like healthy pet food. Create fun branding and product names.

 Printables & Templates

Create stylish printable artwork, wall art, planners, workbooks, budgets, resumes, menus, and more. Sell instantly downloadable files on Etsy and Creative Market.

Tips: Use graphic design skills to craft original prints people will want to display. Offer themed bundles. Create passive income over time with existing designs.

Service-Based Businesses

Monetize skills and expertise by providing services in these categories:


Offer professional photography services for portraits, weddings, events, real estate, products, and more. Market directly to potential clients and through referral partners.

Tips: Invest in quality camera, lenses, lighting, and editing software. Share work on social media and your photography site. Consider specializing in a niche.

Travel Planning

As a travel agent, advise clients in planning personalized vacations, trip itineraries, and booking flights/hotels based on interests and budgets.

Tips: Get certified through The Travel Institute. Join membership orgs and networks like ASTA. Be an expert on popular destinations. Offer concierge services.

Marketing Services

Help small businesses with overall marketing efforts: social media, blogging, email campaigns, SEO, advertising, branding. Offer retainers or project fees.

Tips: Get certified in digital marketing. Start with skills like social media and content creation like Youtube videos, and TikTok. Build case studies and testimonials. Join marketing networks.

Business Consulting

Provide strategic advice and implementation assistance to small business owners and entrepreneurs. Help with marketing, operations, HR, finance, growth planning.

Tips: Get an MBA or business coaching certification. Join networks like SCORE to gain experience. Offer free initial consultation. Have clients fill out intake.

Interior Design

Provide residential and commercial interior design services like space planning, decorating, color schemes, lighting, sourcing furniture and decor. Work locally or virtually.

Tips: Earn a degree or certificate in interior design. Gain experience through internships or assistant work. Start virtually to keep overhead low. Share portfolio.

Virtual Tutoring

Tutor students of all ages online in academic subjects like math, science, history, writing as well as instruments, art, and more.

Tips: Get certified in subjects you’re passionate about teaching. Make lessons interactive. Offer group classes at lower cost. Be reliable and engage parents.

Resume Writing

Use your writing skills to create resumes tailored to clients’ strengths, skills, goals and target jobs. Help them optimize LinkedIn profiles too.

Tips: Stay up-to-date on resume best practices. Interview clients to identify key assets. Offer different packages. Provide additional job search resources and advice.

Career Coaching

Help clients discover their career path by assessing strengths, providing guidance, goal-setting, strategizing next steps, accountability. Mix of consulting and coaching.

Tips: Get certified as a career coach. Guide clients in self-assessments. Customize an action plan for each one. Check in regularly. Offer resume help.

Event Planning

Offer full-service planning for weddings, corporate parties, conferences, showers, milestone birthdays. Handle logistics, design, rentals, staffing, decor, and details.

Tips: Get certified in event planning. Start by coordinating smaller, lower budget events. Develop preferred vendor relationships. Share event portfolio.

Personal Training

Create customized fitness and nutrition plans for clients seeking to lose weight, build strength, improve health. Provide training virtually or in-person.

Tips: Get accredited as personal trainer. Invest in liability insurance. Outline service packages. Adapt plans to clients’ goals and abilities.

Food-Based Businesses

Capitalize on a love for food and drink with these culinary ventures:


Produce and sell baked goods like breads, cakes, cupcakes, pies, cookies. Set up an ecommerce shop, take custom orders, or open a small retail bakery.

Tips: Take business courses focused on food service. Meet local health codes. Perfect your speciality recipes. Invest in commercial equipment.

Meal Prep

Shop for ingredients, cook, and package healthy custom meals and snacks tailored to clients’ dietary needs and fitness goals. Offer subscriptions.

Tips: Take nutrition courses to craft specialized menus. Use meal prep software. Focus on accommodating specialized diets. Develop menu options.

Food Truck

Run a mobile food truck selling flavorful grab-and-go meals from a travelling location that changes daily. Build a local fanbase.

Tips: Purchase and customize a food truck. Obtain required permits. Hone your menu. Leverage social media to share locations. Build partnerships.


Provide catering services for events like weddings, corporate gatherings, cocktail parties. Handle event menus, rentals, staffing, drinks, and on-site execution.

Tips: Get licensed and insured. Offer menu tastings. Invest in catering equipment. Develop relationships with venues. Manage teams of servers, chefs, bartenders.


Open a small specialty restaurant with dine-in and takeout options. Consider a specific cuisine or unique theme to stand out.

Tips: Choose a competitive location. Curate your menu offerings. Design an inviting atmosphere. Meet permitting and health codes. Manage costs closely.

Personal Chef

Offer private dining experiences and chef services for dinner parties, date nights, special occasions. Shop for ingredients and cook meals on-site.

Tips: Gain restaurant and catering experience first. Shop at restaurant supply stores. Introduce yourself to event spaces to partner with. Manage scheduling carefully.

Food Styling

Artfully style and arrange food for advertisements, magazines, cookbooks, websites, menus, social media. Work with brands, restaurants, content creators.

Tips: Take food styling workshops or classes. Curate a portfolio. Invest in quality cameras, props, and editing skills. Assist established food stylists first.


Open an artisan chocolate shop selling handcrafted confections, truffles, gifts molded from high-quality chocolate.

Tips: Train with masters. Start with chocolate tastings and small batches. Invest in commercial equipment. Package creatively. Be very sanitary.

Retail Businesses

Open a brick-and-mortar or online store selling:

Clothing Boutique

Open a charming brick-and-mortar women’s clothing and accessory boutique showcasing curated styles, local designers, and emerging brands.

Tips: Choose the right retail location. Seek creative inventory sources and consignment opportunities. Foster community and events. Offer excellent customer service.


Open a quaint independent bookshop selling new and used titles. Create a cafe area to make it a local hangout spot. Host author events.

Tips: Choose a popular neighborhood. Curate interesting sections beyond just bestsellers. Add inventory like gifts and cards. Enable online ordering.

Flower Shop

Sell floral arrangements, bouquets, gifts. Offer services for weddings, events, delivery. Run a flower cart or small retail store.

Tips: Take floristry classes. Source flowers directly from growers. Cater to occasions like birthdays and holidays. Manage perishable inventory.

Gift Shop

Open a gift shop selling items like home decor, kitchenware, jewelry, bath products, cards, candles, accessories. Offer curated and locally made.

Tips: Choose a prime tourist or downtown area. Negotiate with makers/suppliers. Spot trends and refresh inventory. Create gift boxes/baskets.

Children’s Store

Sell apparel, toys, gifts, decor for babies, kids, and young teens. Focus on quality brands that aren’t widely available.

Tips: Choose fun branding and store design. Host kid-friendly events. Offer registries and personalization. Cater to expectant parents with baby gear.

Pet Supply Store

Open a pet supply shop offering food, treats, toys, leashes, grooming tools, accessories. Differentiate with unique, local items.

Tips: Carry healthy, natural brands of pet foods. Offer self-serve dog washing station. Partner with adoption agencies for pet events. Consider adding human cafe.

Fashion & Beauty Businesses

Monetize your sense of style and glam with these options:

Clothing Designer

Create and produce a clothing line from scratch. Options range from couture to ready-to-wear to bespoke custom designs.

Tips: Fashion design degree provides key skills. Intern under established designers first. Start small with a niche, capsule collection. Look into local manufacturing.

Image Consultant

Provide expertise around style, wardrobe editing, personal shopping. Conduct closets audits. Create style guides with recommendations.

Tips: Background in fashion, styling, or shopping. Stay on top of trends. Listen to identify true style goals. Offer packages at different investment levels.

Personal Stylist

Work one-on-one with clients to shop for clothes that suit their taste, lifestyle, and body. Style them for events, photoshoots, videos.

Tips: Background in fashion and love for shopping. Develop relationships with stores. Listen closely to clients. Handle logistics like returns. Offer closets overhaul.

Makeup Artist

Provide professional makeup application working with brides, models, actors, corporate clients. Set up a home studio or travel to locations.

Tips: Get licensed/certified in makeup artistry. Invest in high-quality cosmetics and brushes. Build an online portfolio. Practice on friends and family first.

Hair Stylist

Offer hair services like coloring, cuts, styling, blowouts. Work at a salon or independently. Provide hair services for events.

Tips: Complete cosmetology school. Build relationships with wedding planners and photographers to collaborate. Stay on top of trends. Invest in quality tools.

Nail Technician

Provide manicures, pedicures, acrylics, gel polish. Work at a salon or visit clients. Offer nail art and designs.

Tips: Get licensed as a nail technician. Purchase insurance. Invest in ergonomic furniture. Offer mobile services. Keep your tools extremely clean.

There you have it — 50 exciting business ideas for aspiring women entrepreneurs!! I hope this super extensive list was helpful and thought-provoking as you decide which business journey is right for you.

Don’t stress about finding the perfect idea. The key is to choose an opportunity that aligns with your talents and interests, and will get you super jazzed to hustle!

Once you’ve selected your path, it’s time to get down to business planning. DM me if you ever want to chat more! I absolutely love supporting women-in-business and will happily provide guidance if I can.

Ok that’s a wrap! Drop a comment letting me know which business idea resonates with you.